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  • Title: Subaltern Ulysses
  • Author: Enda Duffy
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Date: September 1994
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 081668541X


Ebook description:

How would possibly an IRA bomb and James Joyce’s Ulysses have something in widespread? Could this masterpiece of modernism, written on the violent second of Ireland’s nationwide emergence, really be the primary postcolonial novel? Exploring the relation of Ulysses to the colony through which it’s set, and to the nation being born because the guide was written, Enda Duffy uncovers a postcolonial modernism—and in so doing traces one other unsuspected pressure inside the one-time vital monolith. In the years between 1914 and 1921, as Joyce was composing his textual content, Ireland grew to become the primary colony of the British Empire to achieve its independence on this century after a violent anticolonial conflict. Duffy juxtaposes Ulysses with paperwork and pictures from the archives of each empire and insurgency, in addition to with latest postcolonial literary texts, to investigate the political unconscious of subversive methods, twists on class and gender, that render patriarchal colonialist tradition unfamiliar. Ulysses, Duffy argues, is definitely a guerrilla textual content, and right here he exhibits how Joyce’s novel pinpoints colonial regimes of surveillance, mocks imperial stereotypes of the “native,” exposes nationalism and different chauvinistic ideologies of “imagined group” as throwbacks to the colonial ethos, and proposes variations of a postcolonial topic. A big intervention within the large “Joyce trade” based on the rhetoric and aesthetics of excessive modernism, Duffy’s insights present us not solely Ulysses, but in addition the origins of postcolonial textuality, in a startling new means


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