Shadowborn by Alison Sinclair

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  • Title: Shadowborn
  • Author: Alison Sinclair
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: June 2011
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780451463944


Ebook description:

For the Darkborn, the contact of daylight kills, whereas darkness is deadly for the Lightborn. For centuries, the 2 have lived in an uneasy peace, sharing the same metropolis however by no means assembly. Now, with the rise of the Shadowborn, every thing is about to vary… Condemned to loss of life by the Darkborn for practising sorcery, Lady Telmaine Hearne escaped her destiny and is now sure together with her mageborn allies for the Borders—and the warfare brewing there. Also on the frontlines of the battle between Darkborn and Shadowborn is the murderer Floria White Hand, desperately maneuvering between allies and enemies to carry her Lightborn prince house secure. The fragile alliance between Lightborn and Darkborn, between mage and non-mage, is endangered. The mage Tammorn is compelled to develop into ambassador to the enemy. And a lifetime preventing the Shadowborn has not ready Ishmael di Studier for what he’ll find when he follows the Call from the Shadowlands—and meets the girl behind it… From the Paperback version


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