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  • Title: Sandstorm
  • Author: James Rollins
  • Category: Thriller Books
  • Date: 26 Apr 2011
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: 718
  • ISBN: 62017586


Ebook description:

An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities assortment of a London museum, setting off alarms in clandestine organizations around the globe. And now the seek for solutions is main Lady Kara Kensington; her buddy Safia al-Maaz, the gallery’s good and delightful curator; and their information, the worldwide adventurer Omaha Dunn, right into a world they by no means dreamed existed: a misplaced metropolis buried beneath the Arabian desert. But others are being drawn there as nicely, some with darkish and sinister functions. And the various perils of a death-defying trek deep into the savage coronary heart of the Arabian Peninsula pale earlier than the nightmare ready to be unearthed at journey’s finish: an ageless and superior energy that would create a utopia . . . or destroy every part humankind has constructed over numerous millennia. There are terrifying mysteries hidden deep within the desert sands. present more


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