No One Was Turned Away by Sandra Opdycke

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  • Title: No One Was Turned Away
  • Author: Sandra Opdycke
  • Category: Social Science
  • Date: January 2000
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 198028083


Ebook description:

“No One Was Turned Away” is a ebook in regards to the significance of public hospitals to New York City. At a time when much less and fewer worth appears to be positioned on public establishments, argues writer Sandra Opdycke, it’s each helpful and prudent to contemplate what this specific set of public establishments has meant to this specific metropolis during the last hundred years, and to ponder what its loss would possibly imply as properly. Opdycke means that if these public hospitals shut or convert to non-public administration – as is at the moment being mentioned – then an important ingredient of the civic lifetime of New York City might be irretrievably misplaced. The story is informed primarily by means of the historical past of Bellevue Hospital, the biggest public hospital within the metropolis and the oldest within the nation. Following Bellevue by means of the 20 th century, Opdycke meticulously charts the fluctuating fortunes of town’s public hospital system. Readers will learn the way medical know-how, city politics, altering immigration patterns, financial booms and busts, labor unions, medical insurance, Medicaid, and managed care have interacted to form each the social {and professional} environments of New York’s public hospitals. Having entered the 20 th century with excessive hopes for a grand growth, Bellevue now faces monetary and political pressures so acute that its very future is doubtful. In order to offer context to the Bellevue expertise, Opdycke additionally tracks the historical past of a personal facility over the same century: New York Hospital. By noting the factors at which the paths of those two mighty establishments have overlapped – in addition to the methods by which they’ve diverged – this ebook clearly and persuasively highlights the importance of public hospitals to town. “No One Was Turned Away” exhibits that non-public amenities like New York Hospital have typically offered very good care for his or her sufferers, however that in each period they’ve additionally excluded sure teams. This exclusion has occurred for varied causes, similar to sufferers’ diagnoses, their social traits, conduct, or monetary standing – or just due to a scarcity of unoccupied beds. Fortunately, nonetheless, yr in and yr out, Bellevue and its fellow public amenities have acted as town’s medical security internet. Opdycke’s ebook maintains that public hospitals might be as important sooner or later as they’ve been up to now. This is a considerate and well-written research that may enchantment to anybody within the historical past of drugs, public coverage, city affairs, or the City of New York. much less Oxford University Press ; January 2000 265 pages;


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