Necessary Evils by Phillip Gardner

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  • Title: Necessary Evils
  • Author: Phillip Gardner
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: January 1994
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1886420017


Ebook description:

In Necessary Evils , Hal, an L. A. cop pushed to avenge the homicide of his three companions, finds himself blindfolded and stripped to the waist, on his knees, his arms sure behind him, surrounded by a refrain of vigilantes—dad and mom from throughout America whose youngsters have been killed by medicine—as they chant, “In adversity there’s alternative!” Their charismatic chief states their case: The nation has turned its again on the folks, supplying medicine that kill and killers who drug the folks. “Where,” he asks, “are the troopers within the so-called battle on medicine? We inform our youngsters that medicine kill, so those that take them should die—and once they all do, there might be no more marketplace for the drug commerce.” The vigilantes, it seems, costume as cops, conduct their very own drug raids, poison the stolen dope, promote it on the road, and use the income to purchase explosives and weapons for the civil battle to return. For the seemingly doomed Hal, unrelated particulars instantly take form: The mysterious drug deaths; Carl Ross, pharaoh of the drug commerce and killer of his companions; the diamond and the human finger found exterior Anne’s Venice Beach dwelling. Now, all that stands between Hal and his lust to avenge his associates’ homicide are a pack of murderous, evangelically dedicated vigilantes, The Ross military of killers, different cops who suppose Hal is a rat, the FBI—and his love for Anne, an eccentric and delightful librarian. Boson Books additionally presents a group of brief tales by Phillip Gardner entitled Someone To Crawl Back To . For an creator bio and photograph, critiques and a studying pattern, go to


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