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  • Title: Matrix Warrior
  • Author: Jake Horsley
  • Category: Philosophy
  • Date: September 2015
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781250096234


Ebook description:

Finally comes the final word guide for all these searching for to know more in regards to the philosophy behind The Matrix and its sequels. Suppose that this world just isn’t what it appears, and that humanity is definitely only a meals supply supplementing a reign of machines. Welcome to the premise behind the world of The Matrix : the film phenomenon and big box-office sequence that has additionally produced a few of movie’s most clever and considerate moments within the final ten years. In the Matrix films, “actuality” is only a dreamscape, a illustration that six billion factors of view conform to agree is “actual.” So if the one actuality we all know is a crafty and elaborate fa├žade, what then does that signify for us? Matrix Warrior offers us the means to know this premise and its implications on our information of self and place. Combining an in-depth examination of the movie with philosophical inquiry and the teachings of Castandeda, Jake Horsley has produced in Matrix Warrior a profound but witty analysis-and all readers have to get “unplugged.” “This accessible, entertaining guide might be an pleasing companion for individuals who need to dig deeper into the flicks’ wealthy universe.”- Booklist much less St. Martin’s Press ; September 2015


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