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  • Title: L.I.E.
  • Author: David Hollander
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: January 2001
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 375506411


Ebook description:

“At as soon as mordantly humorous and achingly unhappy, L.I.E. is a soul map for contemporary suburbia.” –Sheri Holman, writer of The Dress Lodger Long Island, New York, 1987: Harlan Kessler–raised in Medford, a product of blue-collar Suffolk County, of housing developments and concrete strip malls–graduates from highschool. He hangs out, he events, he performs guitar for the Dayglow Crazies (the native rock-and-roll phenomenon), and he struggles diligently to lose his virginity. He does not take into consideration the long run a lot. The Long Island Expressway (L.I.E.) cleaves the panorama, allowing passage west, to the tonier climes of Nassau County and New York City, however to Harlan, this looks as if an unattainable journey, one thing past his Long Island birthright. And what’s worse, proof is accumulating that Harlan could not exist in any respect, that he could merely be a personality in another person’s story, a fleeting thought within the thoughts of God. L.I.E. follows Harlan, his household, and his buddies by way of two years of affection, intercourse, demise, betrayal, salvation, and enlightenment. In ten intimately interwoven tales, in prose that swings fluidly from gritty realism to heightened metafiction, David Hollander maps an American panorama that’s directly vividly acquainted and extremely unique, creating an unforgettable portrait of the passage to adult-hood and the seek for id, sure to resonate with legions of readers. By turns darkish, humorous, uncooked, and chic, L.I.E. is the hanging debut of a singular voice. The final wisps of afternoon streak and evaporate into blue-gray nightfall, submersing Long Island in twilight. Harlan and Rik Giannati sit on the curb outdoors Rik’s home, exactly 211 yards northeast of Harlan’s home, the gap punctuated by no fewer than fourteen subtly distinct homes of three ilks: the sq., steeple-roofed Granada; the split-level LaSalle; the two-story, three-bedroom Monte Carlo. This final mannequin was the selection of Kessler and Giannati alike some ten years ago once they, too, have been assimilated within the mass exodus from Queens to Suffolk County that had gripped the hearts and genitals of so many. The streetlamps started to glow alongside Rustic Avenue, a chilly blue flicker spaced at even intervals, like remoted members of the same species, every shivering in its cage of frosted glass. –From L.I.E


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