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  • Title: Hunab Ku
  • Author: Joel Speerstra
  • Category: Body Mind
  • Date: April 2011
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 307785874


Ebook description:

The Mayan image Hunab Ku represents motion and energythe precept of life itselfin a spiraling design paying homage to the Eastern yin-yang image. As an embodiment of concord and stability, Hunab Ku invitations us into the age of consciousness, which is predicted to start on December 21, 2012.HUNAB KU prepares us for this cosmic awakening by presenting 77 sacred symbols that create an interactive system for studying, therapeutic, and meditation. Beautifully illustrated and exhaustively researched, this digital pilgrimage invitations us to discover artifacts, earthworks, numerological patterns, and archetypes from various traditions the world over: historical Greece, the Americas, Africa, the British Isles, Babylon, India, and past. Hunab Ku waits for you on the ebook’s middle, the edge between our current age and the approaching age of enlightenment. Like runes, tarot, and different pathworking methods, the archetypes herein open doorways, create bridges, and make clear our previous and our future. These non secular signposts are throughout us and inside, ready to be interpreted. Let HUNAB KU be your information. A richly illustrated ebook that attracts on cross-cultural historical symbols, numerology, archetypes, and earthworks, and the chakras. Includes 77 vivid full-color illustrations positioned throughout the framework and palette of the seven chakras. Builds on the rising recognition of José Arguelles’s The Mayan Factor and Carl Johan Calleman’s The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. From the Trade Paperback version


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