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  • Title: Gandhi
  • Author: William L. Shirer
  • Category: Biography
  • Date: August 2012
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781451696059


Ebook description:

Recalling his friendship and conversations with the late Indian chief, William Shirer presents a portrait of Gandhi that spotlights his frailties in addition to his accomplishments. As a younger international correspondent, William Shirer reported briefly on Gandhi—however the 12 months was 1931, when India’s wrestle for independence peaked and Gandhi scored maybe his best political success. The 12 months earlier than, he had led a 200-mile march to the ocean to select up a lump of salt—a violation of the British salt tax; and this symbolic act (like—he reminds Shirer—the Boston Tea Party) had propelled the Indian lots into nonviolent civil disobedience on a big scale. To test its unfold, Gandhi had been arbitrarily imprisoned. Now he was out of jail and negotiating with the British viceroy: if Gandhi would name off the civil-disobedience marketing campaign and attend an upcoming London convention, the British would make concessions too. These, nevertheless, had been so restricted and imprecise that many Indian nationalists regarded Gandhi’s settlement as a sell-out; however Shirer underlines historical past’s judgment of its knowledge with Gandhi’s personal phrases. More importantly, he notes, the British had lastly been compelled “to cope with an Indian chief as an equal.” Along these strains, Shirer additionally witnessed British discomfiture at Gandhi’s arrival—full with loin fabric, spinning wheel, and goat’s milk; he noticed the feeling Gandhi induced in London—and heard him handle Lancashire millhands thrown out of labor by the Indian boycott of British cotton. And he noticed him at house, subsisting on four-hours’ sleep and “frenzied acclaim.” This e-book is bound to press upon readers the worldwide power of Gandhi’s instance. — Kirkus Reviews much less Simon & Schuster ; August 2012 272 pages;


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