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  • Title: Enteroceptors
  • Author: B. Andersson
  • Category: Medicine
  • Date: December 2012
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 3642652522


Ebook description:

This sequence of concise essays on Enteroceptors is designed to curiosity the gradu­ ate pupil and to stimulate analysis. Even earlier than the appearance of electrophysiological research, classical physiological strategies had proven the essence of the position of lots of the enteroceptors. Thus the monitoring affect of the cardiovascular mechanoreceptors on the center and on the systemic vascular resistance, the position of the arterial chemoreceptors in hypoxia and the affect of the so-called Hering Breuer stretch receptors on respiratory had all been documented. The pioneering work of ADRIAN, BRONK, ZOTTERMAN and others utilizing electroneurographic strategies gave a outstanding impetus to the research of the enteroceptors themselves. Nowhere is that this higher exemplificd than within the case of the afferent finish organs of the center, the respiratory tract and the belly and pelvic viscera. The outstanding growth of our data of the multiplicity of sorts of nerve endings from the thoracic and belly viscera acquired from electrophysiological research has refocussed our consideration on the histological particulars of the websites of such receptors. Once more analysis on the structural facet has been accelerated by the query raised by proof obtained from practical research. This is effectively illustrated within the case of the carotid physique, the place the lengthy cherished perception that the innervated epithelioid cells represent the chemoreceptor complicated is now beneath assault. The detailed consideration of the practical traits of every entero­ ceptor thought of has not occupied our complete consideration


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