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  • Title: Don’t Believe It!
  • Author: Alexandra Kitty
  • Category: Current Events
  • Date: March 2005
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781609258757


Ebook description:

Do you assume shamed journalists Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass have been uncommon dangerous apples? Far from it, they have been simply those silly sufficient to get caught. Alexandra Kitty demonstrates with instance upon instance how manufactured information is endemic in our media and reveals the reader spot suspicious tales. In the previous couple of years, the journalism trade has minimize prices by eliminating vital safeguards: corporations have lowered the variety of fact-checkers, editors, and journalists. What this implies is that editors and reporters can not spend time verifying data. Moreover, journalists aren’t required to have skilled expertise or coaching to cowl their beats. Fierce competitors to get a scoop could result in journalists making careless errors or not double-checking data. To keep audiences and readership, journalists, editors and producers will select sensational tales that “shock.” Combined with time and price range constraints, journalists could unwittingly or intentionally disseminate false or deceptive data to the general public. It is vital to “get” a narrative, interview a topic or nab a scoop first—the accuracy of those parts is secondary. Competition from different media retailers additionally means the aim of a journalist is to get the news first—the way it makes it on the air (flawed, inaccurate, questionably obtained) is unimportant. Don’t Believe It! teaches information customers confirm data. It reveals readers consider sources, eyewitnesses and information. This is a complete bible to data verification from a logical standpoint, exhibiting be skeptical with out being jaded, step by step, with case research and a classification guide


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