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  • Title: Darwin and Evolution
  • Author: Jacques Arnould
  • Category: Religion
  • Date: October 2010
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1921817038


Ebook description:

Choosing between God and Darwin? The double anniversary in 2009 which celebrates the beginning of Charles Darwin in February 1809 and the publication of his magnum opus The Origin of Species in November 1859, is the event for a lot of of our modern believers to ask the query which has been haunting non secular circles for 100 and fifty years: what needs to be carried out with Charles Darwin’s work and concepts? Are they acceptable and are they suitable with religion? Should they be condemned and opposed? A studying of the quite a few publications which have appeared for this anniversary means that these questions exist past denominational circles, and go as far as to tackle completely different and even reverse types. Nowadays why do God and his followers look like the principal obstacles to the examine of Darwin’s concepts, to the event of his theories and to the dissemination of probably the most fashionable concepts present in these theories? Which technique needs to be adopted in the direction of probably the most virulent adversaries, those that are these days generally known as creationists? Expressions are many relying on the temper, the opinion or creed of their authors: God towards Darwin, Darwin towards God, God versus Darwin (a reference to the American and Australian regulation fits and later to the authorized settlement of the query), God or Darwin and lastly, however more hardly ever, God and Darwin . . . The anniversaries held in honour of Charles Darwin and his work have created the event and have been the reason for this debate. Obviously this isn’t the one present the English naturalist supplied to science and faith. It is a present it will be as nicely to not overlook at a time when humanity fears for its future and that, not with out motive. Thank you, Mr Darwin! much less ATF Press ; October 2010 188 pages;


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