Danzón by Alejandro L. Madrid

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  • Title: Danzón
  • Author: Alejandro L. Madrid
  • Category: Music
  • Date: November 2013
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780199965816


Ebook description:

Initially branching out of the European contradance custom, the danzón first emerged as a definite type of music and dance amongst black performers in nineteenth-century Cuba. By the early twentieth-century, it had exploded in reputation all through the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean basin. A essentially hybrid music and dance complicated, it displays the fusion of European and African components and had a robust affect on the event of later Latin dance traditions in addition to early jazz in New Orleans. Danzón: Circum-Caribbean Dialogues in Music and Dance research the emergence, hemisphere-wide affect, and historic and modern significance of this music and dance phenomenon.Co-authors Alejandro L. Madrid and Robin D. Moore take an ethnomusicological, historic, and demanding method to the processes of appropriation of the danzón in new contexts, its altering meanings over time, and its relationship to different musical kinds. Delving into its lengthy historical past of controversial popularization, stylistic growth, glorification, decay, and rebirth in a steady transnational dialogue between Cuba and Mexico in addition to New Orleans, the authors discover the manufacturing, consumption, and transformation of this Afro-diasporic efficiency complicated in relation to international and native ideological discourses. By specializing in interactions throughout this complete area in addition to particular native scenes, Madrid and Moore underscore the extent of cultural motion and change throughout the Americas throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth-centuries, and are thereby capable of analyze the danzón, the dance scenes it has generated, and the varied discourses of identification surrounding it as components in broader regional processes. Danzón is a major addition to the literature on Latin American music, dance, and expressive tradition; it’s important studying for students, college students, and followers of this music alike


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