Beyond Utopia by Agnes Nyilas

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  • Title: Beyond Utopia
  • Author: Agnes Nyilas
  • Category: Architecture
  • Date: 05/01/18
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781138056022


Ebook description:

Megastructure proposals by the Japanese Metabolism group are generally recognized with the idea of utopia. Beyond this partial understanding, Agnes Nyilas means that reasonably than being merely utopian, the Megastructure of Metabolism represents a uniquely amalgam genre: the parable camouflaged as utopia. Although its Megastructure seemingly describes a fascinating future situation as utopia does, it additionally contains sure cultural photographs rooted within the collective (un)aware of Japanese folks, in accordance with the final interpretation of fantasy. The major narrative of Beyond Utopia thus follows the gradual unfolding of the myth-like traits of its Megastructure. Myth is dealt right here as an interdisciplinary topic in step with up to date fantasy theories. After expounding the mechanism underlying the rising demand for a brand new fantasy in structure ( the origin of the parable ), Part I discovers the formal traits of the Megastructure of Metabolism to provide a touch of the true intention behind it. Based on this, Part II is a reexamination of their design strategies, which goals to make clear the operate of the parable and to counsel the that means behind it. Finally, Part III offers with the subject material of the parable by disclosing the that means unfolding within the story, and suggests a brand new studying of Metabolism city concept: as an try to rethink the normal Japanese house idea


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