A Possible World by Kenneth Koch

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  • Title: A Possible World
  • Author: Kenneth Koch
  • Category: Poetry
  • Date: July 2012
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 307542602


Ebook description:

“For the final thirty years or more, Kenneth Koch has been writing probably the most exuberant poems in America. In an area the place such good spirits are uncommon, he has turn into a nationwide treasure. In his e book of private addresses to what has mattered most in his seventy-plus years on the planet, there’s a dimension of pathos and pleasure uncommon within the poetry of any period.” —National Book Award (2000) finalist quotation for New Addresses The three lengthy poems — “Bel Canto,” “Possible World,” and “A Memoir” — on this good successor to New Addresses are formidable makes an attempt at rendering the entire story of a life. Taken collectively they current a stunning image of the pleasures and confusions of existence, in addition to the pleasures and difficulties of expressing them. Other poems carry Koch’s questioning, lyrical consideration to more specific elements of expertise, actual and imagined—a shipboard assembly, the Moor not taken, or the unknowable realm of mountaintops. As in all of Koch’s work, one hears the music of unconquerable exuberance in stormy battle with no matter resists it—dying, the injustice of energy, the vagaries of life in Thailand, China, or Rome. Thomas Disch has written within the Boston Book Review that “Koch is probably the most succesful technician on the American scene, the brightest wit, and the emeritus more than likely to persist into the subsequent millennium . . . His work is stuffed with ribaldry and wit, musicianship, pitch-perfect mimicry of the Great Tradition, and the celebration of enjoyment for its personal sunlit sake.” The ebullience and stylistic selection that one has come to anticipate of this protean poet is in every single place current on this scintillating assortment. From the Hardcover version


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